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SINGLE AT 30: 3 tips to survive

30 and suddenly single after a long relationship? Do not worry girls, we will tell you a secret: life is starting now! 


Single at 30: if you think it is easier said than done, do not despair; because we guarantee you that every cloud has a silver lining!

You will realise that after the first moment of despair (the time varies from one person to another and everyone has their technique to overcome it) you will finally have time for yourself! A time as precious as it is underrated that you will need to learn to manage in the best way.

Here are our three tips to survive to the beginning of a new life: 30 and single!



As a first thing, a single woman needs at least a change in look, so, as you all know, the haircut is almost an obligatory step.

The bravest will decide without an afterthought or doubt to get free from the thick, plentiful and feminine mane; they will choose a cut with a boyish touch, a hairstyle with a strong personality that shouts “Well yes, I’m telling you: I have short hair and I am a woman!”

On the contrary, the shyest will opt for a less bold haircut, outlining a softer change or granting themselves a delicate colour bath, small but special transformations.

The tip? Whether you are part of the brave ones or not, think well before choosing your personal change: the hair grows back, and for some very fast, but every morning you will have to get out of the bed and look in the mirror. If you do not like yourself, facing the day might be harder than initially thought, not to mention the selfies! 

Hairstyling by Federico Faragalli

Hairstyling by Federico Faragalli



That is at that exact moment that our enchanting single woman will open her wardrobe and find out she has nothing sensual and feminine anymore, not even the shadow of the pieces of clothing of true “Femme Fatale”, mandatory in the wardrobe of a single that respects herself!

Over the years passed as a perfect fiancée, you will always have bought nice and fashion outfits, but also very comfy, starting from – of course! – the maxi fleece pyjamas.

That is precisely how you will start to dedicate the afternoon of every Saturday to unrestrained and compulsive shopping: a fierce chase after the perfect look, the one that will make you feel beautiful and desirable, something that shouts to the world: “Well yes, I’m telling you: I wear sexy outfits and I am a woman!”.

The tip? Also in this case do not exaggerate and try to take the best advantage out of you: avoid the outfits that, once the purchasing euphoria vanished, you will bury at the bottom of your wardrobe, a little ashamed of yourself.


Compagnia Italiana FW 2016/17

                                                                                                                                               Compagnia Italiana FW 2016/17


3. Single at 30: PLAY AGAIN

And finally, the hardest sentence to hear for a newly single: start anew, organize nights out with the friends, find out that the once trendy place does not exist anymore and find two new super cool ones in which – -thank Heavens – they serve sushi at the happy hour (is there a better way to forget a bad day?).

Then, whether you feel ready or not, the moment to make new acquaintances, to get ready for exciting first dates, and, why not, open hour heart again will come.

The tip? This time, there is none.


Simply pull out your best smile to make sure that who is looking at you understands: “Well yes, I’m telling you, I am a Woman and I want to be happy!” 








2017 Winter Trends: Maxi Dress, how to wear it all day long!

 The maxi dress and all the coolest outfits.

Overlengths, ample volumes, seventies’ inspiration and contemporary touches:

how to wear the season’s trend from the office to the party.


 It is a compelling feeling of freedom. A little flower children, a little Jane Austen. It also brings a touch of innate elegance. To wear a maxi dress is like jumping into the past, searching for the femininity of other times, the one that, for a while, we left in the wardrobe to show the strength and charisma of the independent modern day woman, the one who wears the trousers.

Now that we are conquering the world one small step after another, here we are feeling the need again to be what we want to be, to choose what to wear. So why not give in to the temptation of vintage ways such as raising an edge of the dress to ride the scooter or to run towards the day?

If you are already an adept of this thousand-faced item of clothing, you will be happy to know that this winter you can wear the long dress at any time of the day. It is a real season must have: in the office or for a special occasion. He we reveal all the coolest outfits to wear the MAXI DRESS.



OFFICE TIME! The clock’s hands go fast and to decide which look to choose to face the working day ahead seems to be an unsolvable dilemma. Pick an outfit that valorises you, that speaks of you and you personality and that – obviously – makes you feel perfect. Wear the maxi dress with sneakers or waterproof boots, for a comfy but trendy mood, choose a maxi bag, perfect to take with you all day long. The extra stylish touch? The woollen wide brim Fedora hat.

A VERY GLAMOROUS NIGHT! A dinner with the girlfriends in that super cool restaurant or a special cocktail: you want to be impeccable, feel beautiful, comfortable about yourself, and super stylish. Match the maxi dress with your favourite décolleté, a gioiello clutch for that sparkling and sophisticated touch. How to complete the outfit? Choose a leather jacket with feminine details for a perfect rock-chic mood. If on the contrary you prefer to lose yourself in the seventies, then opt for the eco-sheepskin maxi coat: you will give to your look the extra touch of grit and personality.

maxi dress


And you, are you ready to let yourself seduce by the coolest piece of clothing of the season and its infinite stylish outfits?




[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_imagebrowser” ajax_pagination=”0″ order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]Saranno il suo fascino senza tempo, la vita che scorre senza pause e frenetica, quell’aria cosmopolita così pregna di stile e creatività da respirare a pieni polmoni che rendono New York una di quelle città di cui ci si innamora al primo sguardo. Alzi la mano chi non ha mai sognato di passeggiare sulla Fifth Avenue indossando un paio di Manolo Blahnik, tra una colazione da Tiffany e un super romantico picnic autunnale a Central Park.

Noi ci siamo stati, abbiamo vissuto le sue strade e abbiamo scovato per voi i posti più cool da vedere, i negozi da non perdere, i consigli per una nightlife superglamour: ecco tutte le cose da vedere a New York in una mini guida della Grande Mela per vere fashioniste.

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[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_imagebrowser” ajax_pagination=”0″ order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]Maybe it is its timeless charm, frantic life running without a break, that cosmopolitan air so full of style and creativity that you can breathe in deeply that make New York one of the cities you fall in love with at first sight. Raise your hands if you have never dreamed to walk on the Fifth Avenue with a pair of Manolo Blahnik at your feet, between a breakfast at Tiffany’s and a romantic autumn pick nick in central Park.

We have been there, we have seen its streets and we have unearthed for you the coolest places to see, the not-to-lose shops, the tips for a superglamour nightlife: here are all the things to see in New York in a small guide of the Big Apple for true fashionistas.


  1. The most beautiful skyline in the world

At last in New York, a dream come true, but where to sleep? For our holiday, we have chosen a skyscraper outside of Manhattan: the Trump Plaza Residence, in Jersey City. Why? For its unique and unforgettable view on the most fashion island of the world, with the Statue of Liberty and the most beautiful and fascinating skyline on this earth.


  1. A little of Milan in New York: breakfast on Madison Avenue

The day cannot start without a stop at Sant Ambroeus: since 1982, this famous restaurant has been a regular stopover for names like Woody Allen and Steve Martin and still today, it has the same charm and the elegant Milanese atmosphere. What to order? Do not miss their cappuccino and if you want to feel like a real New Yorker, give in to their pancake with fresh fruit and cinnamon. At that point, you will probably be fully loaded to face a long, very long shopping morning. Ready? Go!


  1. Shopping and the City

There is no other city in the world where your shopping experience might be more electrifying and funny: from the small vintage boutiques to the more refined shops in which unearth the emerging designers and the big brands of fashion, New York knows how to satisfy the most hardened fashion victims.

If you are looking for a genuine it-bag to bring home, let yourself be conquered by the super glamour creations of Coach New York: the sophistication, the elegance and the character typical to the New York style give life to bags and unique accessories. Do not miss their boutique on Madison Avenue.

Do you like to mix different styles? Are you keen on studied retro touch? Do you like to wear personality-glorifying looks? Then, you will go crazy for New York Vintage. From Great Gatsby’s Art deco gowns to one-of-a-kind and priceless pieces such as the Paco Rabanne’s ’60 mini dress, this most exclusive shop will have you travel through the ages of fashion.

A walk in Soho is a must if you are in New York to succumb to shopping. Stop at 315 West Broadway ad enter What Goes Around Comes Around: a vintage shop where to lose your mind (and many hours of your life, too!), a true and proper wonderland for fashion lovers.

New York is second home to many great names of the fashion system, but why not allow yourself some exclusive shopping, making yours pieces of garment that you will not find anywhere else. Enter MILLY, a delightful place in which you can breathe the relaxed Paris atmosphere and the chic strictness of the Upper East Side. Young designer Michelle Smith, very much appreciated by stars like Beyoncé, creates very feminine gowns that are comfy and practical at the same time so that you can wear them all day long.

  1. Fast City- Fast Lunch

Is it lunch time already? Stop at Macaron Cafè –on the Madison as well – for a quick salad or a sandwich to savour in a soft, relaxing, exquisite atmosphere. In addition, if you want to grant yourself a special dessert (even if it is little American!), you will have plenty of choices, with more than fifty particular macarons to taste.


  1. Not only relax

Before going back to the discovery of the city, offer yourself some relax time. Where? Opt for a restoring nap in the green spaces of Central Park, or offer a beauty treatment to your hands. Make a stop at Paint-box in Soho for a special and uncommon manicure. You will be able to choose between an entire collection of nail polish and discover all the latest nail art trends. Do you need any other cuddle? Paintbox offers stations to reload your i-Phone, champagne to sip in the Paintbar while the nail polish is drying and, when the work is done, you can go to the Photobox: a professional station where to immortalise your manicure and take an extravagant souvenir home.


  1. Happy Hour with view

In New York, a new district appears almost every day, so why not give in a little to exploration. You do not need to go too far from the most famous areas to get to the Meatpacking District. Situated in the southeast area of the island, the Meatpacking District is today of the most glamour and trendiest areas of Manhattan, full of restaurants and exclusive places. For our hyper glam cocktail, we chose the Boon Boom Room, at the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel, right next to Renzo Piano’s Whitney Museum. Unique design, good sound, excellent cocktails… What else? A breath-taking view on the High Line and the Hudson River.


  1. A trip into the trip

New York, it is known, is amongst the most cosmopolite and multicultural cities in the world and, visiting it, you can come across a piece of Italy, China, or Spain. That is the reason why for our New Yorker dinners we chose two places that tell, in a different way, the many souls and cultures of the city.

In Soho, between Lafayette and Centre, make a gift to your papillae by having dinner in the restaurant La Esquina. A traditional and relaxed place where to enjoy marvellous tacos – try the ones with shrimp -, grilled cobs and everything the Mexican cuisine has to offer. Obviously accompanied with rivers of margaritas!

Beyond the ocean – but only culinary speaking – do not miss a dinner at TAO. If the feeling to be in one of the cult places of Sex&TheCity and find yourself on front of the oversize Buddha would not suffice, know that a dinner here is an unforgettable sensorial experience: Japanese cuisine and fusion dishes mix up with a very glamour and worldly atmosphere. Do not forget to book your table; the TAO is one of the most beloved places of the New Yorkers and tourists.