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How to get back into shape after the end of year celebrations: 3 tips to make it…with the smile!

Getting back to shape after the celebrations: find out our tips to remedy the gluttony sins of Christmas and the scale disasters.

Getting back to shape after Christmas: the first of our good resolutions for the freshly started year? Lose the extra pounds taken during the feasts, obviously!

Celebration dinners and toasts gave the feared – but, let’s admit it, awaited – results and so, after a few weeks, we still feel tired, heavier and far from being ready to put something on that is not made out of wool and strategic outfits!

If for you too, the time to face the Christmas outcome has come, do not miss our tips to get back into shape after the celebrations: with a little movement, some small alimentary precautions and a pinch of irony, getting ready for the summer season will be a pleasure!

Here are three small suggestions to start 2017 with the appropriate w…eight!

Drink PINK!

Water is the best ally to get back in shape and lose weight; you already know it. But surely you do not know that drinking can become funny tasty and (why not?!) glamour! How? Try to alternate simple water and draining infusion such as the ones with blueberry and red fruit, help eliminate the excess liquids expelling toxins out of the body, or try a rose hips infusion with purifying properties.  Do not forget healthy snacks such as dried fruit smoothies or sound and tasty juices.


Getting back to shape : No Train No Gain!

Some extra training session cannot hurt, of course, but taking remedial action with such a haste is not really necessary. Do you want to get back into shape and feel well about yourself? Offer yourself some long relaxing walks in the open air. You can choose to leave home thoughts and distractions, empty your head and grant yourself a few hours meditation or use the time of your walk to think positive, define objectives, imagine results and start the New Year with the exact dose of self-esteem.

New Style

We know that thinking to the new season is really difficult and that the short and grey days do not really help, but trust us, spring is closer than ever. New colours, need for change and renewed attitude, this is the ideal moment to let yourself conquer by light, sophisticated and easy articles of clothing of the new Compagnia Italiana Spring-Summer 2017 collection and choose your first and perfect spring look.

So, are you ready to get started?



Pure London 2017: new Compagnia Italiana and KateByLaltramoda collections


Compagnia Italiana and KatebyLaltramoda present the new collection


Pure London, the most important fashion exhibition in the United Kingdom, will open its doors in less than one month:  12th to 14th February 2017 the magnificent space of Kensington Olympia liberty pavilion will give hospitality to this international event exclusively dedicated to the fashion universe.

Amongst the others, Compagnia Italiana and KatebyLaltramoda will take part, showing their new collections, to this prestigious kermesse.

The dynamic and iper-glam style of 2017-2018 F/W collection of COMPAGNIA ITALIANA and the up-to-date proposals of 2017 S/S KATEbyLALTRAMODA will be present at PURE LONDON,  PURE ASPIRE area – stand 113: 3 days full of inspiration and fashion where the most inportant and international buyers will meet together under the British sky. 

2017 sales: what to buy? 8 trendy items of clothing you will not want to lose

 2017 Sales: buy the right article intelligently.

Our mini guide for the 8 trendy items of clothing – and not only – to buy during winter sales: find out the hot articles that must be in a fashion victim’s wardrobe!


2017 Sales! On 5th January 2017, like every year, the race to the most awaited and beloved discounts gets started!


Are you already ready for extreme shopping sessions, compulsive buying, and a full immersion into the trends of the moment?


As in every real adventure, even the chase to the sales needs a checklist to be reviewed, so:

If you have already planned your exploration in the coolest boutiques, if you have already made your water and food provisions to face proving hours in the dressing rooms and, finally, if you have already chosen your trusted shopping companion and advisor, you just have to discover – in preview – the articles you will not want to lose, 8 items of clothing to buy today and love forever.



1.Velvet Mania

A nostalgic and super up-to-date shopping is waiting for you at the mythic afternoon rendezvous of Non è la Rai: velvet comes back more glamorous than ever. In the very intense and chic shades of blue, declined as a long dress to wear with sneakers, or for accessories with an iconic design. Whether it is a blazer, a pair of flare pants or a top, the important is that it is made out of velvet. The choice is yours!

2.  2017 Sales: Fur up!

What winter would it be without a warm, soft, and embracing faux fur? It has been on the crest of the wave for a few seasons now, and if you still do not have one, it is the right time to buy your own eco fur. Chose a plain colour, or let yourself convince by perfect colour patchworks for a super fashion touch. Mini, oversized or even waistcoat, i twill be the right purchase for the winter sales.



3. Maxi dress

We have already shown you how to wear it perfectly, but if this versatile item of clothing is still missing in your wardrobe, it is time to take action. With the winter sales, aim for a maxi dress, it will become the go-anywhere item of your outfit: in the office with a pair of bikers and at night with overknee boots, you will not be able to do without it! Its strong point? It really suits anybody, and after the Christmas feasts, it will be your best ally to hide your extra curves!

4. Bow Love

A little college and a little flower child, the bow was the new entry accessory of this season. Able to give that extra style touch even to the most classical white shirt, it is practically impossible not to love it. What to purchase? Chose a timeless article, in which the bow is a detail and not the main character. What do you think of this Compagnia Italiana FW 2016/17 retro blouse?



5. More Lurex

If Christmas was not enough for you, now is always a right moment to shine! Lurex: you have to add it to your toplist. This precious cloth is sparkling and perfect all day long. For the day, chose a trouser suit, practical and comfy. For the night, flaunt a feminine and sensual mini dress. Not convinced, yet? Rey on the details, a subtle lurex stripe to give a unique touch to the classical black trousers.


6. Accessori

Do not forget to complete your shopping with the correct accessories. We advise you to concentrate your attention on the head: chose a woollen hat, even better a wide brim one, and in one of the must-have colours of the season. You do not like hats? Opt for a maxi headband in velvet or in wool, you will immediately feel divine.


7. A coat forever

During the sales, there is no better purchase than a coat. For a seasonless fashion and a woman who loves to wear unique and timeless articles, chose a winter coat that can resist the trends, an item of clothing that will accompany you through many winters and countless occasions without ever boring you. Our piece of advice? The Compagnia Italiana eco-sheepskin maxi: total black, eco-fur neck and an impeccable design.

8. Animal prints

If you too cannot resist the exotic charm, take advantage of the sales and let yourself convince by the animal prints! A perfect wild attitude to face the days with the appropriate determination. What to purchase? Off with the middle ways, aim for an article that can define your outfits like a maxi fur or the spotted maxi-dress in the shades of green from the Compagnia Italiana capsule Daily.

Now you are ready to launch yourself into 2017 sales. We can only wish you: Enjoy your Shopping!