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Tendenza Estate 2017 pants maxi righe

Summer 2017 trend: three ways to wear the maxistripes pants

Summer 2017 trend: find out how to wear one of the season’s must-have article of clothing. The maxi stripes pants in three different looks, to choose according to your style.


If the summer brings a certainty in terms of fashion, it is the STRIPES. Seven letters and so much style! And indeed, the summer 2017 trend speaks clearly: the stripes pattern comes back. The stripes are getting maxi, coloured, and pop and bring a touch of brio even to the most formal looks.

A true joy of bands and stripes is to be found on dresses, shirts, skirts and above all pants, such as the Compagnia Italiana very light and cropped ones.

How to wear them? We will suggest it to you in three different looks and styles, to choose and adapt according to your personality and the obligations of your day.

Summer 2017 Trend: Office Stripes

It would be beautiful to be able to give up all your obligations at the first more intense ray of light and go barefoot on a beach to relax, but (alas!) duty is calling!

For a summer office wear with the exact amount of brio choose the maxi stripes pants and make it match with a minimal and chic lines blouse, even better if in a classical blue navy colour. The result will be a perfect game of contrasts for the office and the business meetings: formal and elegant, but without ever taking yourself too seriously!


tendenza estate 2017


Coolest stripes

When the striped fantasy loses its entire nautical attitude to become pure design and style in a beyond the lines look, only for true street style queens.

For a cocktail with friends, we have thought of an eclectic and sporty-chic outfit: the maxi stripes pants together with the college style white t-shirt. How to complete the look? Opt for a leather jacket with contrasted nuances and a pair of up-to-the-minute slip on sneakers.


You have a special appointment scheduled, a night under the stars that will most likely remain in the annals?

Uncover the right attractive traits, the ones that elegantly tell about your femininity: follow the summer 2017 trend showing your shoulders with an off-shoulder blouse to match with maxi stripes pants that let the ankles uncovered. The final touch? The very sophisticated design must-have sandals.

Read all the Compagnia Italiana tips to choose what to wear on a first date!

Now you are finally ready to wear the summer 2017 trend with the Compagnia Italiana maxi stripes pants!



abiti da cerimonia 2017 party dresses

It’s party time! Three ways to be a Compagnia Italiana style guest

2017 party dresses

Hyper chic and refined, informal or glamourous! And you, what kind of a guest are you? Whatever the scheduled event is, it is always a good time to tell a little bit about yourself and your personality with an outfit.

Find out three Compagnia Italiana style inspirations for the ceremonies season.


1. Tropical Chicness

If it is never easy to choose a party dress, it gets even worse if you are invited to a garden party or informal and easy style ceremony.

An unconventional dress with Palazzo trousers and a mini dress to wear as a blouse: the main protagonist is the tropical print of the moment. And to make the outfit even more perfect, you can choose rigorously gold and ultra-shine accessories.

You will be among the most smiling and radiant guests, in a unique matching set! 

abiti da cerimonia  2017 party dresses


2. Simply WOW!

Like a muse, but with a rock touch: that is how you will feel with this look.

For a romantic wedding or a fairy ceremony, we chose a light and celestial maxi dress: the yellow pastel tones and a red carpet design.

The touch of style to make your look unforgettable? The fringe jacket with the #SS17 micro applique.






3. 2017 Party dresses: Glam Black

A special occasion, an exclusive location and a super fashion night party: your motto will be without a doubt glamour!

For you, we thought of a total black jewel detail maxi dress with an Empire line for a dress full of style and femininity.

Symbol of an ultra-chic simplicity, minimal, and versatile, you will make this dress unique with your way of being!


Unique moments, a mood made out of positivity, self-confidence, and the pleasure of feeling beautiful and admired:

a party can be all of that.

Now you only have to browse through the gallery, choose among the party dresses that we have chosen for you and get ready to be perfect with Compagnia Italiana.

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”10″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow” gallery_width=”600″ gallery_height=”400″ cycle_effect=”wipe” cycle_interval=”10″ show_thumbnail_link=”0″ thumbnail_link_text=”[Show thumbnails]” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] 




Olivia Palermo: the Fashion Icon we love!

Class to spare and a unique personality: she is Olivia Palermo.

The hyper glam story of a fashion icon: a look at her personal agenda and a day into her world. Come with us and discover the perfect emblem of the woman and the Compagnia Italiana style. 

Innate sophistication and a rare sense for style, she is Olivia Palermo: a career woman with many talents, always on the crest of the wave and in love, the great names of fashion want to dress her up, the photographs love her, testimonial and label of many capsule collections, in short she is, without a doubt, the woman of the moment.

We have thought to tell you about her following her through one typical day, we have imagined her juggling between business meetings and more mundane appointments, just like (or at least almost!) one of us.

For her we chose four looks from the  Spring Summer 2017: four ways of being and showing who she is, four different moods to face the day with her unmistakable character, the right amount of determination and a touch of irony, just as Compagnia Italiana wants it.


 A few studied gestures, a very quick beauty routine, a thin layer of lipstick and a look to the agenda before starting with the appointments of the day.

A relaxed breakfast at Sant Ambroeus in the heart of the Upper East Side and a casual look with a bon-ton spirit.

A dress in the shades of pink, the boyish allure of the blazer perfectly attenuated by the hyper feminine design of the shorts, a waistcoat with micro printings and a pair of ballet flats to complete the look. The accessories? A pair of maxi sunglasses: celebrity look guaranteed and an extra help to conceal the morning imperfections!

Olivia Palermo Outfit


Olivia Palermo Look

 A blog, a site, collaborations with important brands, a true and proper empire that bears her name: Olivia Palermo.

At 12.00, she runs into the office for one of those demanding and super important appointments. What does she need? A look with a formal attitude that gives her enough of that seriousness touch to look distinguished, a real businesswoman: total black cropped pants, the most classical white shirt and a blazer with fierce details. 

Olivia Palermo look

Find out all the trendy looks of the Compagnia Italiana Spring Summer 2017 collection

Olivia Palermo

In a fashion capital city such as New York, every day is the right day for a new party: glamorous events, new openings and vernissage that an up-to-date woman like Olivia Palermo cannot miss!

 We depict her getting out of a taxi on Fifth Avenue: very light cotton fil-à-fil ecru flare pants and a soft blouse with an ethnic and adventurous printing: an impeccable look, simple but chic, a perfect balance between shapes, textures and patterns.

Olivia Palermo Look

Olivia Palermo


What better way to end the day than an intimate dinner with a special person?

A look made out of details, for a proud and self-confident woman: black shoulder-off mini dress tightened on the waist with a copal belt. A precious mini clutch, high-heeled shoes or a pair of sneakers for a street-style mood.

Essential, refined, just like Olivia.

Olivia Palermo Look


Play with fashion, wear looks that will astonish, as classical as they are unconventional, always mixing with a superb nonchalance the most exclusive articles with the brands of the low fashion.

Yet, in all this fashion glitter, the protagonist remains true to herself, Olivia Palermo and her personality: and it is exactly for that, maybe, that we at Compagnia Italiana like her so much!

Source Photo: Pinterest /Olivia Palermo for Piaget


Summer 2017 Handbags: three cult models for the next season

A trip to the tropical and new glam atmospheres of Cuba, passing through the bohemian mood and the tribal cool contaminations, to more rocking and strong inspirations: discover with us the handbags trend for the 2017 summer in a smart guide to the three most fashion models of the moment.


Summer 2017 handbags: here are the trendy models. What better moment to buy a handbag if not the new season? It is known after all: new season, new…bag!

If you still do not know to which model succumb, do not miss our guide to the it bags of the moment: a look to the season fashion shows and our personal style inspirations to find out the new accessories diktat and get to know the trendiest summer 2017 handbags.

borse estate 2017

Try to convert to the a mano way, because this season, clutch bags and pochette bags are key players for the coolest looks: practical, versatile and always super chic, you will not be able to resist their charm!

The Compagnia Italiana spring summer 2017 pochette reminds of the hot and passionate atmosphere of Cuba, its new glam and sparkling side. The Cuban spirit and its vivid and warm colours contained in a mini bag with a fascinating printing for a woman who loves to have fun, even with fashion!

How to have it match? With very light pieces of clothing, such as ruches and pleated, but also with a sporty-chic look.

borse estate 2017

The big season come back? The briefcase, without a doubt! Easy and fresh design for the it bag of the moment: there is no need to go back to school to wear it. Of all the summer 2017 bags, it is the most versatile and comfy.

Are you looking for one that is unique? A delicate suede effect and Aztec style details make the Compagnie Italiana briefcase bag the quintessence of the hottest trends: colourful twists and embroideries, graphic motifs, tassels and the warm colours of Latin America for an accessory you will never want to dump!

Tips: this season, you will want to wear the briefcase behind your back, word of trend!

borse estate 2017

Effortless, comfortable and feminine, timeless classical in our wardrobes, the bowler bag is the most chic and ladylike model of the summer 2017 handbags: perfect from dusk till dawn, if you still miss it, it is time to correct this.

In its most glamorous version, only for true rockers, here is the Compagnia Italiana signed city-bag: navy blue background and a cascade of multicolour stars, in vivid, lively and energetic shades! To shine under the spotlight of the day-to-day routine or to be the star of cool nights, the bowler bag with starry printing is the must-have variant of the summer 2017 handbags.

And as shining is never enough: find out all the starry pieces of clothing of the Compagnia Italiana spring summer 2017.


An alter ego, a friend, an emergency first-aid kit, a protagonist of our identity: ha, handbags! 
Why do we love them so much? Because, after all, they always tell a bit about us, of the women that we are and our passions: our way of being, professional, sometimes a little crazy or super glam. All of it perfectly summed up in an accessory.



Jumpsuit: five ways to wear the trendiest garment of the season

Jumpsuit: whether it is long, mini comfy or with a very feminine wearability, it is for sure the trendy garment of the season. If you have doubts on how and which one to wear, you just have to read our “fabulous five”. 


The trend speaks clearly: this spring, the jumpsuit seems to be the solution we were all looking for to cut drastically the time (at least 16 minutes!) we spend every morning in front of the wardrobe.

Improbable colour matches, printings hard to mix, shapes and volumes in doubtful proportions: if you too, almost every day, you repeat to yourself the rules for the perfect match, you will be happy to know the must-have next season garment, the one you need to have in your wardrobe at all costs – and in many variations – is the emblem of simplicity. You just need to put it on and voilà!

So prepare to say goodbye to your old doubts to the shouts of  jumpsuit for everyoneYou only have to find the one that matches your style perfectly. 


1. Focus on RED

Simply perfect! It is the garment you will never get bored to wear: a jumpsuit with a carefree and sparkling soul in the living and vivid tones of red, embellished with contrasts à-porter with the maxi rouches. Very feminine, despite the linear and quasi-minimal design.

PERFECT FOR… Who wants to feel beautiful and feminine.


2. Why Change?

Frantic days from the office to a business lunch, from the meeting with the boss to the glamour cocktail with the friends. Change look? Why?! The jumpsuit is also versatile and surprisingly transformable with the help of accessories and details. 

PERFECT FOR… Who loves to play with accessories for an always personal and unique style.

3.  Say Yes to Adventurestuta_elegante_jumpsuit

An ethnical printing, a wide brim panama hat, a leather shoulder bag and it is immediately an adventure! Of course, you will not be able to wear it for work, but the mini jumpsuit is the perfect solution for hot summer days and exotic trips. Ready to leave?!

PERFECT FOR… Who does not want to take herself too seriously and show her wild side!

JUMPSUIT: find out how to wear it

4. Special Occasions 

Get ready: the ceremonies season is coming! Moreover, if you have already received special invitations, know that, a few days ago, the jumpsuit was admitted to one of the coolest British events of the season: the Royal Ascot, that has just updated its rules and dress code, opening the doors to the jumpsuit, too. Oversize bottom and minimal shoulder pads, for the perfect guest! What else to say?!  God Save the…Jumpsuit!

PERFECT FOR… Who is in search of a valid alternative to the classical dress and as an anti-boredom remedy to the oversize pants. 

5. FULL chic

It might seem a solid colour matching set, but instead it is a jumpsuit. The slim pants and the top with rouches make this jumpsuit the quintessence of elegance. Perfect to wear with brogues for a very chic look. 

PERFECT FOR… Who cannot renounce to a classical and formal touch, but with style and verve.



 Have you already chosen your perfect jumpsuit?

Find out all the versions of the Compagnia Italia’s Spring Summer 2017 collection in the gallery.


[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”9″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow” gallery_width=”600″ gallery_height=”400″ cycle_effect=”fade” cycle_interval=”10″ show_thumbnail_link=”0″ thumbnail_link_text=”[Show thumbnails]” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] 


Women’s day 2017: one thousand shades through the story of one woman

Women’s day 2017. 

Passionate, independent, obstinate: the women who choose their way of being, their personality, their style. Every one of us is different, yet we all have one thing in common. One thousand shades for every one of us, collected in the story of one woman in whom, we are sure, every one of you will recognise some moments.



“When I was a child, I was hanging out with friends from rich schools; I wondered how the “easier” life I could see in their homes would be. I did not feel any difference with them, because one thought flashed into my head and it was always the same: there are people who were born for challenges, and I am one of them. To make my own place in the world I might need some more time, but my wits and my determination will take me far.

Child’s dreams and yet, life proved me right and took me exactly where I wanted. The direction changes, the deviations, the unexpected were many, but they only flavoured, coloured my voyage. They made it more intense, more thrilling.



As I look back today, I am proud of everything that I have done, created, resolved. 

The growth throughout the years, however, was not at all in line with the one of my choices concerning mode!


Women’s day 2017

Source Pinterest

Women’s day 2017: find out what to wear


I remember very well the first day of work: my legs shaking, a feeling of awkwardness, my classical look and a very formal tone of voice. That is what accompanied me throughout the first years when, one step after another, I started to give my opinions and feel the volume of my voice slowly rise to become more authoritarian. 

In no time, I spread my wings to fly so high I could never have dreamed. Here I am, in charge of a team, of projects, leading people towards a common goal, with seriousness and professionalism, but also with kindness and deep understanding. All my self-confidence displayed in the look: I am completely changed. I have become rebellious and laid-back, a woman who loves to amaze and amazes herself of her own choices in front of the more extravagant bosses. 

Today I feel I have the right age to dare. I feel safe to wear the trendiest things, to do shopping in New York gives me pure adrenalin… Milan, Paris, I have a lot of fun in the coolest shops, I do not judge myself and I follow my own style. 

Yes. I am proud to be the woman I am, free, uncompromising, loved and full of love to give, still ready to face the world every day”






That is the approximate number of women on the planet: the stubbornness, the exceptional sweetness, the strength and will to change the world (and not only theirs!), but also many uncertainties, a thousand indecisions and infinite questions.

It is to all of them that today, in Women’s day 2017, more than ever, we want to dedicate our thought. 


Valentine’s Day 2017: what to wear for the first date

 The most glamorous ideas for Valentine’s Day: find out with us what to wear for the first date on the most romantic day of the year.


As every year, Valentine’s Day 2017 is coming.

Whether you like or not the “day dedicated to the celebration of love”, it might happen that you receive an invitation for a romantic date: here is why you cannot really lose our tips on the Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas for a really special look.

Remember that girl that was left single a few months ago?

After some difficulties, she finally feels ready for new, exciting adventures. And so, for new dates. Yet, what more electrifying – and stressful! –  moment is there than the time to choose the perfect outfit for the first date?

Valentine's Day 2017


And if the day corresponds with Valentine’s day, the situation deteriorates, especially when one has to face the beloved punctual nemesis of every woman: the MIRROR!

How to forget Julia Roberts’ scene in Pretty Woman in which unrestrained look changes follow one another! 



To avoid useless stress and face your date with the right dose of self-esteem, here are our 3 little tips to make no mistake: find out with us the Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas for a glamorous and impeccable outfit.



1.Do not unveil everything at a time: identify and take advantage of your strong point

Do you have nice legs? Uncover them! A beautiful décolleté? Show it! The important is not to unveil everything and at the same time: sometimes, what we hide is what really interests the people. A winning idea for Valentine’s Day 2017? The red jumpsuit with light and very feminine details that perfectly enhances the new Compagnia Italiana Spring Summer 2017 new collection silhouette.


2.Wear something that makes you feel beautiful 

Every one of us has in her wardrobe the goodluck black sheath or the mythical jeans that puts our B-side to its advantage. Wear them, it will help you feel secure. For your first date aim for an outfit that will five you extra charm. What about the midi black dress that leaves your shoulders uncovered?

idee san Valentino 2017_Valentine's Day 2017

 Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas: find out with us what to wear

 3.Dress simply as yourself

Do not make the most common mistake: wear something that does not represent you at all, like vertiginous heels if you only wear bikers or a marked and strong make-up if you are the typical pure and simple beauty. Sincerity always wins.

After our mini tips and the Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas for a perfect look, you will surely feel ready to face a first date. One last hint?

Wear a magnetic look and a captivating smile and you will see that every man will be at your feet!

There is no better outfit.

Spring Summer 2017: 5 trends for the season to come

Spring Summer 2017 Trend

From the very light dresses to the come-back of the one shoulder dress, the next season’s trends climax into a perfect mix between references to the past and contemporary style.

Officially, there are still more than fifty (very long!) days missing, but in the fashion world and in our attitude, spring is there already! Yes, because the Spring Summer trends have already been revealed during the autumn fashion week in the entire world and it is time for us to organise our ideas, to sort the coolest proposals and answer the question of the day: what will be fashionable during Spring Summer 2017?

Find out with us the season’s not-to-be-missed: 5 must-have for Spring Summer 2017.

VITAMINIC PINK– It is not explosive as the shocking pink, but neither romantic like the pastel tone. Next season’s fashion is the raspberry nuance: a vitaminic, full of energy and glamour colour! Perfect with a light and carefree dress. Or wear it in bold colour block matches. Take notes, because raspberry will be the next Spring Summer’s trendy colour.

THE STRIPES REVOLUTION– More than a season’s trend, an endless love. The stripes might win the timeless and seasonless trend prize. But for Spring Summer 2017, get ready for a direction change: the stripes become rebels, abandon the rigorous aut/aut horizontal or vertical and convert to dynamic and unpredictable stripes, multicolour bands with surprising optical effects..

Spring Summer 2017 Trend with the Compagnia Italiana style

ONE SHOULDER ONLY, PLEASE!– It will be like getting under the spotlights of Studio 54 thanks to the great comeback of the one shoulder cut. A trend with one thousand faces: on the psychedelic top or to give the right character to a dress. Between the sexiest fashion diktat, next season, let yourself conquer by the asymmetric silhouette of the one shoulder dress and get ready to discover your better side!

RUCHES WANTED.- The ruches mania has outburst! Between the spring summer 2017 trends, ruches and trims have conquered a firm pole position: light and floating details enrich essential items of clothing by giving them a sophisticated and glamourous lightness effect. On basic sweaters, minimal blouses or rigorous jumpsuits: interpreting the season’s trend has never been that easy.

FOLD IN FASHION- Declined in elegant vintage midi dresses or in structured and futuristic versions, it has come back on the catwalks renewed and more glamorous than ever: we are talking about the folded cloth par excellence, the pleated fabric. Whether they are very thick and rigid pleats or also soft and weightless plissés, this spring summer 2017 trend will be, without exception, on the coolest outfits of the season for that touch of innate elegance and lightness that never disturbs.

Now you just have to browse our gallery and find out the Spring Summer 2017 trends interpreted according to the Compagnia Italiana style.

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”4″ exclusions=”24″ sortorder=”27,25,23,26,24″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow” gallery_width=”600″ gallery_height=”400″ cycle_effect=”fade” cycle_interval=”10″ show_thumbnail_link=”0″ thumbnail_link_text=”[Show thumbnails]” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

How to get back into shape after the end of year celebrations: 3 tips to make it…with the smile!

Getting back to shape after the celebrations: find out our tips to remedy the gluttony sins of Christmas and the scale disasters.

Getting back to shape after Christmas: the first of our good resolutions for the freshly started year? Lose the extra pounds taken during the feasts, obviously!

Celebration dinners and toasts gave the feared – but, let’s admit it, awaited – results and so, after a few weeks, we still feel tired, heavier and far from being ready to put something on that is not made out of wool and strategic outfits!

If for you too, the time to face the Christmas outcome has come, do not miss our tips to get back into shape after the celebrations: with a little movement, some small alimentary precautions and a pinch of irony, getting ready for the summer season will be a pleasure!

Here are three small suggestions to start 2017 with the appropriate w…eight!

Drink PINK!

Water is the best ally to get back in shape and lose weight; you already know it. But surely you do not know that drinking can become funny tasty and (why not?!) glamour! How? Try to alternate simple water and draining infusion such as the ones with blueberry and red fruit, help eliminate the excess liquids expelling toxins out of the body, or try a rose hips infusion with purifying properties.  Do not forget healthy snacks such as dried fruit smoothies or sound and tasty juices.


Getting back to shape : No Train No Gain!

Some extra training session cannot hurt, of course, but taking remedial action with such a haste is not really necessary. Do you want to get back into shape and feel well about yourself? Offer yourself some long relaxing walks in the open air. You can choose to leave home thoughts and distractions, empty your head and grant yourself a few hours meditation or use the time of your walk to think positive, define objectives, imagine results and start the New Year with the exact dose of self-esteem.

New Style

We know that thinking to the new season is really difficult and that the short and grey days do not really help, but trust us, spring is closer than ever. New colours, need for change and renewed attitude, this is the ideal moment to let yourself conquer by light, sophisticated and easy articles of clothing of the new Compagnia Italiana Spring-Summer 2017 collection and choose your first and perfect spring look.

So, are you ready to get started?



Pure London 2017: new Compagnia Italiana and KateByLaltramoda collections


Compagnia Italiana and KatebyLaltramoda present the new collection


Pure London, the most important fashion exhibition in the United Kingdom, will open its doors in less than one month:  12th to 14th February 2017 the magnificent space of Kensington Olympia liberty pavilion will give hospitality to this international event exclusively dedicated to the fashion universe.

Amongst the others, Compagnia Italiana and KatebyLaltramoda will take part, showing their new collections, to this prestigious kermesse.

The dynamic and iper-glam style of 2017-2018 F/W collection of COMPAGNIA ITALIANA and the up-to-date proposals of 2017 S/S KATEbyLALTRAMODA will be present at PURE LONDON,  PURE ASPIRE area – stand 113: 3 days full of inspiration and fashion where the most inportant and international buyers will meet together under the British sky.