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Tendenza Estate 2017 pants maxi righe

Summer 2017 trend: three ways to wear the maxistripes pants

Summer 2017 trend: find out how to wear one of the season’s must-have article of clothing. The maxi stripes pants in three different looks, to choose according to your style.


If the summer brings a certainty in terms of fashion, it is the STRIPES. Seven letters and so much style! And indeed, the summer 2017 trend speaks clearly: the stripes pattern comes back. The stripes are getting maxi, coloured, and pop and bring a touch of brio even to the most formal looks.

A true joy of bands and stripes is to be found on dresses, shirts, skirts and above all pants, such as the Compagnia Italiana very light and cropped ones.

How to wear them? We will suggest it to you in three different looks and styles, to choose and adapt according to your personality and the obligations of your day.

Summer 2017 Trend: Office Stripes

It would be beautiful to be able to give up all your obligations at the first more intense ray of light and go barefoot on a beach to relax, but (alas!) duty is calling!

For a summer office wear with the exact amount of brio choose the maxi stripes pants and make it match with a minimal and chic lines blouse, even better if in a classical blue navy colour. The result will be a perfect game of contrasts for the office and the business meetings: formal and elegant, but without ever taking yourself too seriously!


tendenza estate 2017


Coolest stripes

When the striped fantasy loses its entire nautical attitude to become pure design and style in a beyond the lines look, only for true street style queens.

For a cocktail with friends, we have thought of an eclectic and sporty-chic outfit: the maxi stripes pants together with the college style white t-shirt. How to complete the look? Opt for a leather jacket with contrasted nuances and a pair of up-to-the-minute slip on sneakers.


You have a special appointment scheduled, a night under the stars that will most likely remain in the annals?

Uncover the right attractive traits, the ones that elegantly tell about your femininity: follow the summer 2017 trend showing your shoulders with an off-shoulder blouse to match with maxi stripes pants that let the ankles uncovered. The final touch? The very sophisticated design must-have sandals.

Read all the Compagnia Italiana tips to choose what to wear on a first date!

Now you are finally ready to wear the summer 2017 trend with the Compagnia Italiana maxi stripes pants!



Olivia Palermo: the Fashion Icon we love!

Class to spare and a unique personality: she is Olivia Palermo.

The hyper glam story of a fashion icon: a look at her personal agenda and a day into her world. Come with us and discover the perfect emblem of the woman and the Compagnia Italiana style. 

Innate sophistication and a rare sense for style, she is Olivia Palermo: a career woman with many talents, always on the crest of the wave and in love, the great names of fashion want to dress her up, the photographs love her, testimonial and label of many capsule collections, in short she is, without a doubt, the woman of the moment.

We have thought to tell you about her following her through one typical day, we have imagined her juggling between business meetings and more mundane appointments, just like (or at least almost!) one of us.

For her we chose four looks from the  Spring Summer 2017: four ways of being and showing who she is, four different moods to face the day with her unmistakable character, the right amount of determination and a touch of irony, just as Compagnia Italiana wants it.


 A few studied gestures, a very quick beauty routine, a thin layer of lipstick and a look to the agenda before starting with the appointments of the day.

A relaxed breakfast at Sant Ambroeus in the heart of the Upper East Side and a casual look with a bon-ton spirit.

A dress in the shades of pink, the boyish allure of the blazer perfectly attenuated by the hyper feminine design of the shorts, a waistcoat with micro printings and a pair of ballet flats to complete the look. The accessories? A pair of maxi sunglasses: celebrity look guaranteed and an extra help to conceal the morning imperfections!

Olivia Palermo Outfit


Olivia Palermo Look

 A blog, a site, collaborations with important brands, a true and proper empire that bears her name: Olivia Palermo.

At 12.00, she runs into the office for one of those demanding and super important appointments. What does she need? A look with a formal attitude that gives her enough of that seriousness touch to look distinguished, a real businesswoman: total black cropped pants, the most classical white shirt and a blazer with fierce details. 

Olivia Palermo look

Find out all the trendy looks of the Compagnia Italiana Spring Summer 2017 collection

Olivia Palermo

In a fashion capital city such as New York, every day is the right day for a new party: glamorous events, new openings and vernissage that an up-to-date woman like Olivia Palermo cannot miss!

 We depict her getting out of a taxi on Fifth Avenue: very light cotton fil-à-fil ecru flare pants and a soft blouse with an ethnic and adventurous printing: an impeccable look, simple but chic, a perfect balance between shapes, textures and patterns.

Olivia Palermo Look

Olivia Palermo


What better way to end the day than an intimate dinner with a special person?

A look made out of details, for a proud and self-confident woman: black shoulder-off mini dress tightened on the waist with a copal belt. A precious mini clutch, high-heeled shoes or a pair of sneakers for a street-style mood.

Essential, refined, just like Olivia.

Olivia Palermo Look


Play with fashion, wear looks that will astonish, as classical as they are unconventional, always mixing with a superb nonchalance the most exclusive articles with the brands of the low fashion.

Yet, in all this fashion glitter, the protagonist remains true to herself, Olivia Palermo and her personality: and it is exactly for that, maybe, that we at Compagnia Italiana like her so much!

Source Photo: Pinterest /Olivia Palermo for Piaget