30 and suddenly single after a long relationship? Do not worry girls, we will tell you a secret: life is starting now! 


Single at 30: if you think it is easier said than done, do not despair; because we guarantee you that every cloud has a silver lining!

You will realise that after the first moment of despair (the time varies from one person to another and everyone has their technique to overcome it) you will finally have time for yourself! A time as precious as it is underrated that you will need to learn to manage in the best way.

Here are our three tips to survive to the beginning of a new life: 30 and single!



As a first thing, a single woman needs at least a change in look, so, as you all know, the haircut is almost an obligatory step.

The bravest will decide without an afterthought or doubt to get free from the thick, plentiful and feminine mane; they will choose a cut with a boyish touch, a hairstyle with a strong personality that shouts “Well yes, I’m telling you: I have short hair and I am a woman!”

On the contrary, the shyest will opt for a less bold haircut, outlining a softer change or granting themselves a delicate colour bath, small but special transformations.

The tip? Whether you are part of the brave ones or not, think well before choosing your personal change: the hair grows back, and for some very fast, but every morning you will have to get out of the bed and look in the mirror. If you do not like yourself, facing the day might be harder than initially thought, not to mention the selfies! 

Hairstyling by Federico Faragalli

Hairstyling by Federico Faragalli



That is at that exact moment that our enchanting single woman will open her wardrobe and find out she has nothing sensual and feminine anymore, not even the shadow of the pieces of clothing of true “Femme Fatale”, mandatory in the wardrobe of a single that respects herself!

Over the years passed as a perfect fiancée, you will always have bought nice and fashion outfits, but also very comfy, starting from – of course! – the maxi fleece pyjamas.

That is precisely how you will start to dedicate the afternoon of every Saturday to unrestrained and compulsive shopping: a fierce chase after the perfect look, the one that will make you feel beautiful and desirable, something that shouts to the world: “Well yes, I’m telling you: I wear sexy outfits and I am a woman!”.

The tip? Also in this case do not exaggerate and try to take the best advantage out of you: avoid the outfits that, once the purchasing euphoria vanished, you will bury at the bottom of your wardrobe, a little ashamed of yourself.


Compagnia Italiana FW 2016/17

                                                                                                                                               Compagnia Italiana FW 2016/17


3. Single at 30: PLAY AGAIN

And finally, the hardest sentence to hear for a newly single: start anew, organize nights out with the friends, find out that the once trendy place does not exist anymore and find two new super cool ones in which – -thank Heavens – they serve sushi at the happy hour (is there a better way to forget a bad day?).

Then, whether you feel ready or not, the moment to make new acquaintances, to get ready for exciting first dates, and, why not, open hour heart again will come.

The tip? This time, there is none.


Simply pull out your best smile to make sure that who is looking at you understands: “Well yes, I’m telling you, I am a Woman and I want to be happy!”