How to get back into shape after the end of year celebrations: 3 tips to make it…with the smile!

Getting back to shape after the celebrations: find out our tips to remedy the gluttony sins of Christmas and the scale disasters.

Getting back to shape after Christmas: the first of our good resolutions for the freshly started year? Lose the extra pounds taken during the feasts, obviously!

Celebration dinners and toasts gave the feared – but, let’s admit it, awaited – results and so, after a few weeks, we still feel tired, heavier and far from being ready to put something on that is not made out of wool and strategic outfits!

If for you too, the time to face the Christmas outcome has come, do not miss our tips to get back into shape after the celebrations: with a little movement, some small alimentary precautions and a pinch of irony, getting ready for the summer season will be a pleasure!

Here are three small suggestions to start 2017 with the appropriate w…eight!

Drink PINK!

Water is the best ally to get back in shape and lose weight; you already know it. But surely you do not know that drinking can become funny tasty and (why not?!) glamour! How? Try to alternate simple water and draining infusion such as the ones with blueberry and red fruit, help eliminate the excess liquids expelling toxins out of the body, or try a rose hips infusion with purifying properties.  Do not forget healthy snacks such as dried fruit smoothies or sound and tasty juices.


Getting back to shape : No Train No Gain!

Some extra training session cannot hurt, of course, but taking remedial action with such a haste is not really necessary. Do you want to get back into shape and feel well about yourself? Offer yourself some long relaxing walks in the open air. You can choose to leave home thoughts and distractions, empty your head and grant yourself a few hours meditation or use the time of your walk to think positive, define objectives, imagine results and start the New Year with the exact dose of self-esteem.

New Style

We know that thinking to the new season is really difficult and that the short and grey days do not really help, but trust us, spring is closer than ever. New colours, need for change and renewed attitude, this is the ideal moment to let yourself conquer by light, sophisticated and easy articles of clothing of the new Compagnia Italiana Spring-Summer 2017 collection and choose your first and perfect spring look.

So, are you ready to get started?