If your worst nightmare is to receive unwanted gifts this Christmas, do not miss our special guide on how to avoid them: many ideas starting points to lead your Him to the perfect present!


Unwanted Christmas prensents? Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year: we rediscover the pleasure to spend time with our loved ones, a unique opportunity for a holiday in magical snowy atmospheres and the possibility to make the people around us happy, with one-of-a-kind presents that put a smile on their faces.

Speak the truth, however: except the post-feast scale anxiety, for how many of you is the worst Christmas nightmare receiving unwanted gifts? That scarf with a “total fuchsia + glitter” combination that ends, after a second, at the bottom of the wardrobe, or that micro jumper that you could only have worn 10 years ago.

If this Christmas you want to avoid that unpleasant tradition, here are our pieces of advice to accompany your Him to the perfect gift: 3 ideas to suggest him with discretion – but only a little! – your wish list and, finally, find under the tree the presents you really wanted!



     1. OOPS…I did it again!



In the age of technology at all costs, in the century of the smartphone fever, there is no better way to communicate with the world if not through the social networks and the apps.

But pressing the wrong key between a traffic light and the other is really easy: how many times did the message intended to your sister arrive to your best friend? That happens, true?!

Here is our first tip, then! A brilliant plan to enact in three simple steps:

  1. Make a screenshot of your wish.
  2. Send it to your him – by mistake!
  3. Send a justification message in which you explain – with the exact dose of fainted indifference – that you wanted to show to your colleague that super glamour matching set with which you literally fell in love.

If he is smart… he will get the message! 


     2. The coffe is to blame




There it is, lying on the page of your favourite magazine: the mini-dress with precious embroideries that you are already imagining to wear for the New Year’s Eve. Simply perfect for you. How to get it? 

Considering that for us, women, multitasking is a piece of cake and that every morning, besides choosing what to wear, thinking about make-up and hair, we also do the laundry, the grocery list and review the presentation of the last project in our head, why not make a last effort and prepare a sweet breakfast for him?

A hot croissant, some biscuits, a coffee and…the magazine opened at the page of your Christmas presents. As simple as drinking coffee!



    3. God save Facebook

This is, without a doubt, the tip that will require the least effort from you and once again, technology will come to your help. You will be wondering how it is possible to have him, who practically only lives between smartphone and PC, understand that this Christmas, the only way to make you really happy is this maxi eco-shearling on which you lost heart and eyes?

Share, girls: post and share! Maybe an entire week should suffice: seven days of sharing your beloved eco-shearling on your Facebook profile, and, if you have time, some likes would help a lot.

Rest assured he will notice it! … And worst case scenario, do not forget that maybe someone else from your virtual friends list (brother, mummy, best friend) will not miss the chance to make you smile with perfect Christmas presents!



We did all we could do to make your way towards your perfect gifts as short as possible.

Now it’s up to you!