The most glamorous ideas for Valentine’s Day: find out with us what to wear for the first date on the most romantic day of the year.


As every year, Valentine’s Day 2017 is coming.

Whether you like or not the “day dedicated to the celebration of love”, it might happen that you receive an invitation for a romantic date: here is why you cannot really lose our tips on the Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas for a really special look.

Remember that girl that was left single a few months ago?

After some difficulties, she finally feels ready for new, exciting adventures. And so, for new dates. Yet, what more electrifying – and stressful! –  moment is there than the time to choose the perfect outfit for the first date?

Valentine's Day 2017


And if the day corresponds with Valentine’s day, the situation deteriorates, especially when one has to face the beloved punctual nemesis of every woman: the MIRROR!

How to forget Julia Roberts’ scene in Pretty Woman in which unrestrained look changes follow one another! 



To avoid useless stress and face your date with the right dose of self-esteem, here are our 3 little tips to make no mistake: find out with us the Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas for a glamorous and impeccable outfit.



1.Do not unveil everything at a time: identify and take advantage of your strong point

Do you have nice legs? Uncover them! A beautiful décolleté? Show it! The important is not to unveil everything and at the same time: sometimes, what we hide is what really interests the people. A winning idea for Valentine’s Day 2017? The red jumpsuit with light and very feminine details that perfectly enhances the new Compagnia Italiana Spring Summer 2017 new collection silhouette.


2.Wear something that makes you feel beautiful 

Every one of us has in her wardrobe the goodluck black sheath or the mythical jeans that puts our B-side to its advantage. Wear them, it will help you feel secure. For your first date aim for an outfit that will five you extra charm. What about the midi black dress that leaves your shoulders uncovered?

idee san Valentino 2017_Valentine's Day 2017

 Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas: find out with us what to wear

 3.Dress simply as yourself

Do not make the most common mistake: wear something that does not represent you at all, like vertiginous heels if you only wear bikers or a marked and strong make-up if you are the typical pure and simple beauty. Sincerity always wins.

After our mini tips and the Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas for a perfect look, you will surely feel ready to face a first date. One last hint?

Wear a magnetic look and a captivating smile and you will see that every man will be at your feet!

There is no better outfit.