Women’s day 2017. 

Passionate, independent, obstinate: the women who choose their way of being, their personality, their style. Every one of us is different, yet we all have one thing in common. One thousand shades for every one of us, collected in the story of one woman in whom, we are sure, every one of you will recognise some moments.



“When I was a child, I was hanging out with friends from rich schools; I wondered how the “easier” life I could see in their homes would be. I did not feel any difference with them, because one thought flashed into my head and it was always the same: there are people who were born for challenges, and I am one of them. To make my own place in the world I might need some more time, but my wits and my determination will take me far.

Child’s dreams and yet, life proved me right and took me exactly where I wanted. The direction changes, the deviations, the unexpected were many, but they only flavoured, coloured my voyage. They made it more intense, more thrilling.



As I look back today, I am proud of everything that I have done, created, resolved. 

The growth throughout the years, however, was not at all in line with the one of my choices concerning mode!


Women’s day 2017

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Women’s day 2017: find out what to wear


I remember very well the first day of work: my legs shaking, a feeling of awkwardness, my classical look and a very formal tone of voice. That is what accompanied me throughout the first years when, one step after another, I started to give my opinions and feel the volume of my voice slowly rise to become more authoritarian. 

In no time, I spread my wings to fly so high I could never have dreamed. Here I am, in charge of a team, of projects, leading people towards a common goal, with seriousness and professionalism, but also with kindness and deep understanding. All my self-confidence displayed in the look: I am completely changed. I have become rebellious and laid-back, a woman who loves to amaze and amazes herself of her own choices in front of the more extravagant bosses. 

Today I feel I have the right age to dare. I feel safe to wear the trendiest things, to do shopping in New York gives me pure adrenalin… Milan, Paris, I have a lot of fun in the coolest shops, I do not judge myself and I follow my own style. 

Yes. I am proud to be the woman I am, free, uncompromising, loved and full of love to give, still ready to face the world every day”






That is the approximate number of women on the planet: the stubbornness, the exceptional sweetness, the strength and will to change the world (and not only theirs!), but also many uncertainties, a thousand indecisions and infinite questions.

It is to all of them that today, in Women’s day 2017, more than ever, we want to dedicate our thought.